Tales of the Vampire Hunters

//Tales of the Vampire Hunters

Tales of the Vampire Hunters


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Sometimes, things are not what they seem. That sweet looking grandma, next to you at the movies, may just be waiting for the lights to dim before she sinks her hideous fangs into your neck during the previews. That upstanding political figure you see daily on TV might have a nightlife that would shock and appall you. Anyone could be one of them, whether by choice or, initially, against their will. Possession has no favorites.

Fortunately, we have heroes and defenders, who have been with us throughout the ages. Whether one calls them Vampire Hunters, Demon Hunters, or even the newly popular, Zombie Killers, we can thank them for what safety still remains. Their vigilance and refusal to accept defeat should inspire us all. This slim volume is a testament and shout out to their noble calling and fearless actions. Without them, nothing would be as it is.

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    Totally spooky! – Lestat

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