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get outta town ted ringer

The 21st century edition of that timeless classic of Rock and Roll, true love, and incredible adventure. Get Outta Town is the story of an aging Deadhead who attends a concert in Eugene and gets caught up in an adventure that involves him with a greedy IRS, a delusional CIA, and the Grateful Dead. The IRS wants his money, the CIA wants his bootleg tape, and the Dead want him to stop the Coffee Cartel from destroying the rainforest. Our hero tangles with unsavory characters in Brazil, pursues true love, and saves the world. He makes a brave stand against the forces of bureaucracy, fast food, and evil.  Things will never be the same. Beloved by fans and true patriots, this is a book that goes to some shows, plumbs the depths of outer and inner space, stays high, and rocks out! Written back in the day, when no one would ever say back in the day, Get Outta Town truly captures a time of good music, good vibes, and unlimited possibility.

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“This is a GREAT yarn! In it’s early chapters, there’s a great capturing of experiencing a Dead concert (but with characters drifting in and out who are weird in a very non-Dead way). In it’s later chapters, it assumes the sort of fast-paced, page-turning, compelling (yet hilarious) tempo of a Tom Clancy novel — but with a pair of Deadheads as the protagonists instead of vets from the military/espionage community (although there’s one of those too among the cast of characters).

“I received it as an e-gift and started reading immediately. In short order, I put down all else until I reached the end. ‘Believe it if you need it, if you don’t just pass it on…’ “ –Gypsy Davy

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