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Born with a Beard


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funny books born with a beard

The story of a baby who, yes, was born with a beard. This is the tale of his family, told by the bearded one, from the unusual moment of his birth, up to the time he speaks his first, momentous, words.

Dad battles a blizzard. Mom gets her hair done. Sister has designs on France. Gambling, fitness, romance. This family has it all.

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“Practically perfect.” —Mary Poppins

“All happy families resemble one another. How could I have been
so mistaken?”
—L. Tolstoy

“Told with an innocence and joie de vivre unusual in one so young.”
—Dr. Wm. Benjamin

“This bedtime story kept me up all night.” —Famous anonymous author

“Seriously, this is a book for all ages.” —Jimmy, a neighbor

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Audio Book, Soft Cover


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