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Music, a melodious part of our daily requirements.

Music soothes the savage beasts and savages, like you and me. The wonderful thing about it is its infinite nature. There exists tons of music of every type, manner, and description. I wouldn’t dare begin to describe it. Especially, not here. But being infinite in nature, there is no store that can hold it all. Not even, Amazon. And, it goes without saying, that no one mind, nor even the cumulative mind of an entire, blindly dedicated Glee Club can know it all. It’s a gift to have someone recommend something you’ve never heard and could never imagine. It’s fun to discover something that is new. And, if music be the food of love, let the feast begin!

I am listing some tunes, records, cds, etc. that I love. You might like them. You might not. Each is an invitation to another place, and sometimes, another time. See what moves you, rock out, and, as the King once said, Keep the Hi-fi high and the lights down low. Play on, you heroes. Play on.

Solo Monk, Monk’s Dream – Thelonious Monk
Steppin’ Out -Astaire Sings – Fred Astaire
Today – Art Pepper.   Desert island music.
Jerry Garcia Band
Tiddlywinks, Diggin Uncle Q – NRBQ.     Rock and Roll will never die.
Louis Prima Hits – Oh, babe, there’s no one like him.
12 Shades of Brown – Junior Brown.  Ernest Tubb’s illegitimate off-spring.
Buena Vista Social Club  –  Dancing, rum, and romance – what else is there?
Quanta – Gilberto Gil.  Beautiful Brazilian songs that transcend borders, language, and genre.
True Life Blues – The Songs of Bill Monroe. Performed by hot dogs that know how to swing.
Blues, Rags, and Hollers, Lots More Blues, Rags, and Hollers – Koerner, Ray And Glover
Shot of Love and everything else – Mr. Bob Dylan.
World Out of Time – The Music of Madagascar.  Truly out of time, mysterious and beautiful.  This is music that sounds as if it came from another planet, just like ours, only without the distractions.
Knockdown Calypsos – Growling Tiger.   Old style, acoustic calypsos, poetic and funky.
Temptation’s Greatest Hits

More titles added soon.  The classical section, etc.

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