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Reading – It’s not just a bunch of words. Reading is an infinite activity. It helps us keep our feet on the ground, while, at the same time, taking us to places faraway. Reading calms us down. Reading is a cooperative act. Check out our suggested reading list––the ones that come to mind at the moment. The ones that have made themselves known. The ones that have jumped off the shelf this afternoon. No pressure, no tests, and no reports. Just fun.

Music, a melodious part of our daily requirements. I am listing some tunes, records, cds, etc. that I love. They are linked to Amazon, so you can go directly there, no fuss, no muss, and check them out. You might like them. You might not. Each is an invitation to another place and another time.


Check it out. There’s lots of stuff out there.

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  • Isle of View. Inspirational Acronyms & Art to Transform Your World.
  • The Library of Congress. It’s big and it has ’em all. No need to be quiet.