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Enjoy samples of our classic books. Funny and adventurous “Bedtime Stories for Big Kids.”

born-with-a-beard-ted-ringerBorn with a Beard

The story of a baby born with a beard. The tale of his family, told by the bearded one, from the unusual moment of his birth, up to the time he speaks his first, momentous, words. Funny and heartwarming–a great bedtime read!

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drawing and dreaming children's bookDrawing and Dreaming

Drawing and Dreaming is a classic declaration of independence from the tyranny of rote performance. Children and adults will appreciate the call to creatively explore their imaginations from this whimsical and colorful book. 30 pages, full color.

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  • LISTEN to Ringer read this children’s classic.

get-outta-town-grateful-dead-irsGet Outta Town: A Tale of the Dead, the IRS and Coffee

The 21st century edition of that timeless classic of Rock and Roll, true love, and incredible adventure. Get Outta Town is the story of an aging Deadhead who attends a concert in Eugene and gets caught up in an adventure that involves him with a greedy IRS, a delusional CIA, and the Grateful Dead.

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humorous-fiction-ted-ringerGus Goes West

In the 1880s, Gus, a young accordion player from Minnesota, is stricken with Terminal Hay Fever and must go West for his health. He hits the trail with a song in his heart and with his trusty horse, Mrs. Mitchell. It’s a wild frontier. Cows, Indians, Love. What will get him first?

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tales-of-the-vampire-hunters free sampleTales of the Vampire Hunters

Sometimes, things are not what they seem. That sweet looking grandma, next to you at the movies, may just be waiting for the lights to dim before she sinks her hideous fangs into your neck. Fortunately, we have heroes and defenders, who have been with us throughout the ages. This slim volume is a testament and shout out to their noble calling and fearless actions.

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  • READ a free sample in PDF format.