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Cartoon Blogs

  • Eddie. Dangerous Eddie. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Eddie Sr. Growing old is not the same as growing up. Eddie Sr. is now a mature, somewhat reasonable, sometimes grumpy, and, it goes without saying, handsome fellow. Dispensing hard-won wisdom and his own brand of observation, without provocation.
  • Elliott. Kids blog the darnedest things!
  • Mr. Todd. One Cool Dog, Mr. Todd chews his way through reality’s gristle, wrestles with complicated relationships, and subscribes to the old adage that there is nothing like a bone.
  • ZoeToddler. Registered voter. Likes vegetables. Avid reader. Has two doting parents. Chess prodigy. Attempts violin. Registered for 2017 state spelling bee. Is restoring a ’57 Chevy coupe. Adores stuffed animals. Accepted as first child astronaut by NASA. Favors pink. And green. Loves cupcakes. Mild-mannered.

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  • Eddie. Just a regular Joe, er, Eddie.
  • EdSenior. Growing old is not the same as growing up.
  • Elliott. Just starting out.
  • Mr. Todd. One Cool Dog!
  • Zoe. Young and irrepressible, independent, and inspirational.
  • fittolove_novel – The endless Twitter novel, since 2009, ongoing and constantly moving forward.