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The pen is mightier than the sword and easier to carry.


Ted Ringer is a writer who is glad you stopped by to check all this out. Please visit his blog — Words and Writing. It’s his latest passion.

since the 20th century


RingerWorks is the collected work of Ted Ringer —
author, artist, and teacher. Scribbler and doodler.

Here you will find Books for Big Kids, some for smaller, ebooks, illustrations, cartoons, blogs, and unidentified objects, flying and otherwise. On this site you will find the kind of stories and pictures that will refresh your view of reality and, at the appropriate time, ease the transition from your busy day into the realm of dreams.

Nothing scary or disturbing (I apologize for the vampires), and, certainly, nothing boring or inconsequential. I’m talking about real stories of adventure, romance, and a seriousness of purpose that doesn’t know what serious is. As if that weren’t enough, there are blogs, especially Words and Writing, links, lists, and free samples.

Come on in. I’m giving you the works. Thanks for visiting.

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Cartoon Blogs

  • Eddie. Dangerous Eddie. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • Eddie Sr. Growing old is not the same as growing up. Eddie Sr. is now a mature, somewhat reasonable, sometimes grumpy, and, it goes without saying, handsome fellow. Dispensing hard-won wisdom and his own brand of observation, without provocation.
  • Elliott. Kids blog the darnedest things!
  • Mr. Todd. One Cool Dog, Mr. Todd chews his way through reality’s gristle, wrestles with complicated relationships, and subscribes to the old adage that there is nothing like a bone.
  • ZoeToddler. Registered voter. Likes vegetables. Avid reader. Has two doting parents. Chess prodigy. Attempts violin. Registered for 2017 state spelling bee. Is restoring a ’57 Chevy coupe. Adores stuffed animals. Accepted as first child astronaut by NASA. Favors pink. And green. Loves cupcakes. Mild-mannered.

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  • Eddie. Just a regular Joe, er, Eddie.
  • EdSenior. Growing old is not the same as growing up.
  • Elliott. Just starting out.
  • Mr. Todd. One Cool Dog!
  • Zoe. Young and irrepressible, independent, and inspirational.
  • fittolove_novel – The endless Twitter novel, since 2009, ongoing and constantly moving forward.
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Ted Ringer

Ted Ringer is an author, artist, and teacher who lives outside of Boulder, CO. His past is littered with adventures, pictures, and notebooks. He has worked in offices where the windows didn’t open, acted as an armed guard without a weapon, has been involved with lawn maintenance, and is known to have participated in sports.

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